6 Secrets to Making Burgers at Home

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Burger! And if your mouth is full of saliva now, it’s time to learn the secrets of making the most delicious grilled burgers.

  1. Any soft-baked product that can be cut into two parts: a lid and a bottom are suitable as a “burger bun”. Ideally, the bun should be slightly sweet. And experts also recommend not to take buns with a crispy crust and an excessive content of all kinds of bran.
  2. Before folding the burger, grill the halves of the bun. If you don’t do this and put the cutlets on the bun right away, the bread will absorb the meat juices and the burger will fall apart.
  3. The burger must have a vegetable filling. The classic assembly scheme: green salad, tomatoes, onions (fresh or fried), fresh or pickled cucumbers. But, in principle, you can add other vegetables (bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant).
  4. Traditionally, a hamburger is not complete without ketchup and yellow mild mustard. BBQ and chili sauces are also commonly used. Less often, cheese sauces and mayonnaise are added.
  5. If you’re making burgers for the company, you can put patties, buns, and filling ingredients on the table so everyone can make a burger to their liking.
  6. And no cutlery! Burgers are eaten only with hands.
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