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6 Useful Tips How to Fry the Perfect Steak at Home

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On the most masculine holiday, we reveal the secret of cooking the most brutal dish. Throwing the meat into a frying pan and serving it to the table in a couple of minutes is not all. We study the cooking technique with passion.


  1. The ideal steak thickness is 2-3 cm. This makes it easier to get into the desired roast;
  2. Large steaks can be put in the oven for 15-20 minutes without frying;
  3. If grilling, turn the steak so that the grill marks form a nice mesh;
  4. The taste of marbled beef is very bright, it is usually seasoned only with salt and pepper;
  5. Don’t use “heavy” side dishes. Fried meat is better absorbed when paired with salads and vegetables.
  6. Be sure to cut the finished steak across the fibers, so the meat will be much more tender.


  1. Wash the meat before cooking. What if it’s dirty?
  2. Place the steak in the freezer after purchase. Probably, it will be better preserved this way.
  3. They say that beef is always tough, so be sure to beat or marinate the steak properly.
  4. The steak must be completely roasted so that the meat is dark gray. It seems like you can’t eat uncooked meat.
  5. It is best to cut in the middle of the steak to check the doneness.
  6. It is unlikely that the meat will lose its juiciness.
  7. Together with the steak, you need to buy ready-made sauce. Most likely, only with the sauce will the meat be tasty and juicy.
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