7 Important Secrets To Making A Delicious Cake

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These secrets are very important in cooking.

  1. A cake with a filling will be better if it will stand for at least half a day.
  2. Peeled apples and pears for filling will retain their color if wrapped in a vinegar-soaked napkin before cooking.
  3. Walnuts for cakes and baked goods will taste good if they are lightly roasted before cooking.
  4. To prevent walnuts from going rancid, they must be stored in a dry and cool place.
  5. If you use only whites from eggs, then the yolks can be put in water, then they will last longer. You can also pierce the egg from both sides and blow out the white, leaving the yolk inside.
  6. You need to brew tea only in porcelain or earthenware dishes.
  7. Tea will become much more aromatic if you put a piece of orange peel, lemon or vanillin in the box where it is stored.
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