7 Secrets To Making Yummy Pizza

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Pizza is a dish originally from sunny Italy in the form of a round open pie covered with tomatoes, melted cheese (as well as various fillings (meat, ham, salami, seafood, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, etc.).

  1. The dough is rolled out in a small layer, spread on a preheated pan, greased with a large amount of vegetable oil, and immediately put the filling on it. Cover with a lid and reduce the heat to a minimum so that the dough is baked evenly.
  2. In a frying pan, pizza is cooked much faster than in an oven: the baking time is 15 minutes. The plain dough can be kept on the fire for 10 minutes as it roasts faster than yeast dough. We remind you: its thickness should not be too large.
  3. The readiness of the test is checked with a match, piercing it in the thickest place. If the match is dry, the pizza is ready. In an open pan, the dough is baked in 2 steps, so the baking time is slightly increased (the pancake must be allowed to cool slightly before placing the filling). On average, it takes 20-25 minutes to cook pizza.
  4. Since the dough is baked pretty quickly, the raw filling simply won’t keep up with it. Therefore, it must be prepared in advance – fried, stewed, or boiled.
  5. The thickness of the filling must also be monitored so that it does not spread, since the juice or syrup will be absorbed into the dough and will remain damp and tasteless. In addition, the liquid can seep through the dough and burn the pizza. The best filling option, in this case, is when the bottom layer is meat or fish, dry boiled vegetables, and slightly softer or raw foods on top. Then they will saturate the lower layers, but nothing will leak to the bottom of the pan.
  6. When baking pizza in a frying pan, do not top with mayonnaise or the like (to prevent the main layers from burning).
  7. Any baked goods lower the stomach tone, and not everyone can afford baked pizza, and the desire to taste such delicious food is great. For such cases, the option of cooking a dish on a steam bath is provided: for steamed pizza, light yeast dough is taken. It is kneaded on a large number of eggs, aged a little longer than simple, but it should not be peroxidized. The dough is rolled out in a rather thick layer; you can simply stretch it over the grill surface. In this case, the pizza is cooked for 40 minutes.
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