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7 Tips for Cooking Vegetable Salads

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In the vegetable season, it’s not something that you want, but you just need to prepare delicious vegetable salads. Their useful properties are known to all, this is fiber necessary for good digestion and bowel cleansing, and vitamin complexes. Vegetable salads, seasoned with oil, are especially healthy, they are light and will make up a summer diet if you are planning to lose weight. For the preparation of salads, we used the simplest and most affordable vegetables, salad dressing, vegetable oil.
You can just cut and mix vegetables, but this is a recipe for an ordinary salad, and if you lay out the vegetables and arrange them a little more original, then the salad from the usual vegetables looks different.

  1. Whatever the purpose of the salad, festive or for every day, when preparing it, you should follow the rules for the preparation and processing of products. Be sure to wash the vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, beets with a brush under running water. It is imperative to wash the greens for the salad: dill, parsley, sorrel, spinach are soaked in a container with cold water for at least 2 hours. At the same time, periodically changing the water. After that, the greens are washed well under running water.
  2. With this method, all the sand and insect eggs are well behind the leaves. Cucumbers and dill are washed immediately before processing. If there is a radish in the salad, then the skin is removed from the white, and the tail and tops of the red are cut off. If boiled vegetables are used to prepare the salad, they need to cool well. When boiling beets and carrots in the same bowl, the color of the vegetables may change, so cook each vegetable separately.
  3. Eggs for salad should be hard-boiled well, boil them for at least 10 minutes (like cutting eggs). It is more convenient to peel boiled vegetables warm. If you need to boil green beans, know that they are put in boiling water, so they will not lose color. Cooking should only be done from completely cooled foods. When laying vegetables in a salad in a warm state, the salad quickly deteriorates.
  4. The method of cutting food is of great importance for preparing salad. Vegetables for salads should be cut into even and thin slices. Slices of cucumbers, potatoes, carrots should just show through. In this cut, vegetables are well saturated with salad dressing. The salad will be deliciously cooked. The salads are mixed very carefully so as not to break the slices and the pieces do not lose their shape. In many salads, vegetables are laid out in layers, while each layer is coated with dressing.
  5. Vegetables for salads can be prepared in advance, and it is advisable to prepare a salad right before serving, so that it does not lose its attractiveness and does not swell. Uncomplicated salads, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, green leaves, are cut directly into a salad bowl and seasoned in it. Other salads are mixed in large bowls, blended, seasoned, and carefully placed in a salad bowl so as not to stain the edges.
  6. Top salad, ready to serve, is decorated with roses, figurines or slices of those products that are in the salad. A salad laid in a slide can be decorated with a mayonnaise net. If the smell of garlic is needed in the salad, it is not necessary to add it there, it is enough to put the whole clove on the bottom of the salad bowl.
  7. This will not give a harsh garlic flavor, but rather a savory aftertaste. When serving, you must also serve a spoon for the salad. Salads can be prepared not only from fresh vegetables, but from pickled and pickled vegetables, as well as with the addition of meat and fish. Vegetable salads can be used as side dishes for various dishes.
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