8 Life Hacks for the World’s Most Delicious Burger

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These secrets will surely come in handy!

  1. Fresh onions can be added or pickled (vinegar, salt, pepper).
  2. We recommend using lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or wine vinegar instead of vinegar. They will give a less harsh and more sophisticated aroma and taste.
  3. Onions can also be caramelized. To do this, melt the sugar in a frying pan, then, putting the onion in it, hold it for another couple of minutes. It is appropriate to add a couple more spoons of red wine.
  4. For a change, make onions in batter.
  5. Mix egg, flour, salt, add spices to taste. We recommend oregano. Onion rings should be dipped in batter and fried in a large amount of vegetable oil (deep-fried), and after a couple of minutes on the grill.
  6. The sauce is a moment of creativity in the process of preparing any dish. Pesto (Italian – based on olive oil, basil, and cheese), salsa (Mexican – made from tomatoes and chili, with garlic and black pepper), dzatziki (Greek – based on yogurt with herbs and garlic). In general, play fantasy, prepare the sauce!
  7. The most commonly used ketchup. You can do it yourself. One of the recipes: peel tomatoes (6 pcs.). Boil sugar (4 tablespoons) with vinegar (half a glass), add tomatoes. Add mustard powder (2 tablespoons), garlic (2-3 cloves), salt, pepper to taste, tomato paste (2 tablespoons), and chili pepper. Cook everything over low heat until the tomatoes soften – about 15 minutes. Turn into a homogeneous mass with a hand mixer, cool.
  8. We recommend adding fresh thyme or some rosemary.

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