8 Unusual Restaurants in London

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English restaurateurs understand that local cuisine is difficult to compete with Italian or French in terms of sophistication, and rely on the originality of the concept and non-standard design. We present to you the TOP of the most interesting restaurants and cafes in London, visiting which will be a real adventure!

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

In London, on Bethnal Green Road, 100 meters from Shoreditch High Street Station, there is a cozy place with hot drinks and friendly cats. This curious place is called “Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium”.

This establishment may remind you of the anti-cafes that are now widespread since, in addition to a fixed fee for a comfortable 90-minute pastime (£ 5 per visitor), you will also find a lot of board games and books here. The interior is dominated by vintage and “cat” style: small tables and comfortable armchairs perfectly coexist with a variety of play and sleeping places for cats. It is worth noting that the friendly residents of Cat Emporium often choose to rest on the knees of visitors.

Under the purr of a cat, you can drink a cup of aromatic tea or coffee and refresh yourself with bagels, a piece of cake or even a couple of light snacks.

152-154 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E2 6DG
Reservation is required

The Cheese Bar

Great restaurant for cheese lovers! The Cheese Bar serves British cuisine on the restaurant’s menu. This place prepares delicious camembert, pasta, and cheese fritters. Stop by for some good apple crumble, Belgian chocolate, and white chocolate cheesecake.

This restaurant also has a large selection of wines. You will love a good ginger beer, fresh juices, or hot white chocolate. According to visitors’ reviews, the staff is creative. Amazing service is a big plus for The Cheese Bar. Many people think the prices are attractive. You will definitely appreciate the charming atmosphere and impressive interior.

Unit 93, 94 Camden Stables, London NW1 8AP

Duck and Waffle

The Duck & Waffle Restaurant is located on the 40th floor, therefore the views of London are simply stunning, especially if you prefer to sit at a table by the window. It is important to consider – these tables are intended for only two people. For large companies that did not have enough space at the tables, you can linger at the entrance to the bar and look at the evening city.

The main thing in the bar is a mixture of trendy dishes, elegant flavors (oysters, luxurious cheeses, duck and of course waffles!) And excellent drinks. The choice of dishes is very wide, you can order both simple dishes, for example, pollock in creamy lobster sauce, and culinary masterpieces … Imagine a mixture of beets, goat cheese, pieces of cheese in a dense crispy crust … Delicious, isn’t it?

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
Works 24 hours


The Tincan restaurant in London has become a real sensation. It is unique in that it serves exclusively canned fish. However, don’t be surprised – this place is quite popular! After all, there are more than 30 species of sardines, cod, and other inhabitants of the deep sea. The windows of the restaurant are decorated with beautiful jars from all over the world, which can be bought as a souvenir. What’s more, Tincan sells canned food that you won’t find in supermarkets in England, and they’re all of excellent quality.

Closed Mondays
7 Upper James St, Carnaby, London W1F 9DH


If you are bored of eating in monotonous cafes and restaurants for a long time, but your soul asks
fresh impressions, be sure to visit one of the most interesting and notable places of London – Attendant Cafe. Here you obviously won’t be bored, it used to be a real public toilet!

74 Great Eastern St, London EC2A

The Clink

The restaurant, located in an old building on the territory of a men’s prison, is called The Clink (also called the controversial prison in South London, which closed in 1780) and exists for the acquisition of professional skills in cooking and restaurant business by prisoners. Industry organizations work with him to award qualifications. The leather furniture and tables in it are produced by inmates of Frankland Prison in County Durham. The institution is part of a charitable program aimed at preventing relapse among former prisoners.

http: //

Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is a stunning country residence in the Richmond area. The garden, flower shop, tea room, and restaurant is an amazing quiet corner near London, created for those who sometimes want to escape from the hustle and bustle and be closer to nature.

Petersham Cafe, a conservatory-like restaurant, simple yet sophisticated, serves lunch six days a week with fresh, seasonal produce, including vegetables and herbs from the local garden. Local traders bring fish to the kitchen on bicycles! The teahouse serves Italian-style lunch and is famous for its delicious homemade cakes, especially with carrots, coconut and chocolate. Good and banana.

Church Lane, Petersham Road, Richmond TW10 7AB

Dans le Noir

The only restaurant in the UK with a unique concept for dining in a completely dark room has been of great interest for over a decade. Dans Le Noir is French for “In the Dark”.

Hearing about such a feature of the restaurant, the first thing people think about is blind guests. It should be noted, however, that there is not even a braille menu here. The concept of the institution urges us to draw our attention to the fact that we rely too much on our eyesight and suggests for a while to trust other senses: touch, smell, hearing.

30-31 Clerkenwell Green, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0DU

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