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9 General Salad Cooking Tips

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Very important tips that will definitely come in handy!

  1. Any vegetables are suitable for salads: fresh, boiled, pickled, salted, as well as fruits (fresh, canned, dried). For meat salads, boiled meat, eggs, ham, sausage are used.
  2. When preparing salads, vegetables are thoroughly washed: roots – with a brush, lettuce, spinach and sorrel – in a spacious dish in cold water “afloat”. The water is changed several times, while taking out the leaves.
  3. The salads are served nicely and neatly to whet the appetite. Place them in a salad bowl or on a dish without pressing or smoothing the surface.
  4. The components of the salad are cut into small slices, cubes, strips; radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes – in circles.
  5. The salad is first mixed with sauce or dressing in a bowl or saucepan, and then transferred to a salad bowl so that the edges remain clean. The finished salad is poured on top with the remnants of the dressing and decorated.
  6. The components of the salad can be placed in a salad bowl or dish in layers, without mixing them, and pour the sauce on top. It depends on the type of salad.
  7. Beans for salad will cook faster if you add a little sugar to the water.
  8. If raw onions are used in the salad, then it must be finely chopped, put in a colander, rinsed with boiling water and immediately cooled with cold water. This will make it tastier, and the unpleasant smell will disappear.
  9. Green peas for salad should not be boiled in salt water, as they remain firm for a long time.
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