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9 Important Tips for Slicing Fish

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These tips will help you slice your fish without the hassle.

  1. Fish of all types is cut in portions, except for small ones, which are also directed to the whole form by heat treatment. Partial fish, cut into fillet layers and intended for cooking, are cut with skin and vertebral bone (or with skin and rib bones) in the transverse direction, starting from the head; while holding the knife at right angles to the fish.
  2. So that during cooking the fish does not deform, the skin on each piece is cut in two or three places.
  3. Fillet-cut small fish, intended for frying and passing, is cut obliquely, while holding the knife at an angle of 30 °, trying to make the pieces wider.
  4. For cooking and frying, portions can be cut from non-stick fish (round).
  5. After removing cartilage and skin, sturgeon fish, except sterlet, are cut, starting from the tail, into wide pieces.
  6. For hodgepodge, osetrovaya fish is cut into pieces weighing 20-30 g.
  7. In this case, first of all, they use the tail part left over from cutting the fish into portioned thin pieces.
  8. After cutting, the sturgeon pieces are scalded as described on the previous page and washed with cold water.
  9. A large sterlet is cut into portioned pieces after the removal of the beetles and the plating of the fish, or they are treated with a “ring”, or prepared entirely for heat treatment.
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