9 Restaurants with the Best Views of Paris

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Looking for a place to admire the city over a plate of tapas? Would you like to dine inside the Eiffel Tower? Wondering where to sip a cocktail while gazing at the world’s most famous panorama? If the answer to any of the above is yes (and, frankly, we can’t imagine how else), our list of the best restaurants in Paris with views will serve you well. We’ve tasted the most breathtaking panoramic views, the most beautiful gardens and indoor decorations that Parisian drinkers and foodies have to offer. Forward!

Jules Verne

The restaurant is located on the second level, at a height of 124 meters. Its name is “Jules Verne”, in honor of the great French writer. Jules Verne has been awarded two Michelin stars, so you need to book in advance and the cost of lunch and dinner is about twice the price of 58 Tour Eiffel.

The decor and antique furniture of the restaurant delight every visitor. Excellent service, helpful waiters, great music – all this creates an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. There is also a separate lift for tourists, bypassing endless queues.

Address: Tour Eiffel, pilier Sud, Champ-de-Mars

Official website:

58 Tour Eiffel

This restaurant is close to a local landmark, the Eiffel Tower. 58 Tour Eiffel presents French cuisine. Here you should try the amazing gabi leaf stew, mushroom soup, and lamb stew. You will love the mouth-watering parfait, profiteroles, and vanilla ice cream. This place offers good champagne, dessert wines, or dry sherry. If visitors are to be believed, it has wonderful cortado, tea, and chocolate frappe.

If you are planning to arrange a celebration in honor of a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other feast, we recommend that you pay attention to this particular institution. Guests claim that the staff at this restaurant are helpful. The service is excellent according to customers. 58 Tour Eiffel offers food at good prices. In this place you will love the first-class interiors and the tranquil atmosphere.

Address: Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars

Le Ciel de Paris

Tourist expensive restaurant with panoramic views of Paris, located on the 56th floor of the Tour Montparnasse building.
Classic French cuisine. During dinner, you can enjoy a magnificent view of Paris. The chef of the restaurant Jean-Francois Wahon and his team come up with the most delicious dishes for their guests.

Address: Tour Montparnasse, 56e étage, place Raoul Dautry / 33, avenue du Maine, Paris 15e.

Official website:

Tour D’Argent

The Parisian restaurant “La Tour d’Argent” can without any exaggeration be considered the “emperor of restaurants” and a trendsetter in the field of culinary, not only French but also the world one. And there is every reason to consider the “Silver Tower” also the “patriarch” of modern restaurants: after all, this institution is more than 400 years old!

In Paris, France, and all over the world, La Tour d’Argent is one of the most venerable restaurants in terms of age and has become one of the Parisian legends.

Address: 15-17, quai de la Tournelle

Official website:

Le George

Opened less than a year ago, Le George proclaims the simplicity of a kitchen with an overall elegance of style. The small room looks out onto the courtyard of Four Seasons Hotel George V with all five windows. Natural light, combined with black window frames and gray curtains, creates a sense of restraint and lightness in the restaurant. However, the high style of Le George is not lacking, just look at the ceiling and walls. The overall tone for the center of the hall is set by a Baccarat chandelier over two and a half meters high. The walls are adorned with paneling and leather, and the interiors also feature velvet chairs, wall lamps and pre-war leather armchairs.

Address: Center Georges-Pompidou, esplanade Beaubourg

Official site:

Maison Blanche

Penthouse, decorated in white and having an amazing view of Paris. Contemporary menu, subtle fusion of glamor, south, exotic and elegance. It is considered one of the trendiest restaurants in Paris.

Address: 15, avenue Montaigne, Paris 8e.

Official website:

Les Grandes Marches

The restaurant serves French cuisine. According to customers, delicious foie gras, club sandwiches and haddock are served here. The waiters offer visitors good parfait, ice cream and tarte taten.

The wine list is very varied at Les Grandes Marches. A must-visit if you want some good coffee. Most guests say the staff is energetic. This establishment has great service. The guests of this restaurant claim that the prices are attractive. Les Grandes Marches have an impressive ambiance and first-class interiors.

Address: 6, place de la Bastille

Official website:

Les Ombres

An airy restaurant with contemporary design under the roof of the new Quai Branly Museum dedicated to the arts and civilizations of Africa, Oceania, Asia and America. Contemporary French cuisine. In this restaurant you can order a romantic dinner on the terrace with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

Address: 27, Quai Branly

Official website:

Le W

Try French cuisine at Restaurant Le W. Many guests advise ordering some decent shrimp, halibut, and green onion puree here. Many visitors say that this place offers good parfait, sweet croutons, and pasta cookies. Many clients of this establishment often order good wine or delicious champagne. Good coffee is worth ordering at this bar.

Restaurant Le W has a cozy atmosphere. According to customers, the staff here is knowledgeable. Guests love the amazing service. Most of the visitors write that the prices are attractive. This place has an impressive interior.

Address: 5, rue de Berri, 8e

Official website:

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