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9 Tips for Cooking Delicious Italian Pizza

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Italians, as everyone knows, are considered to be the true connoisseurs of filled round yeast cake. But any gourmet is not averse to treating himself with such a delicacy, no matter how different his food preferences from the standard ones.
Pizza will conquer with its versatility because there are hundreds of thousands of recipes for vegetable, fruit, meat, and cheese open pies.
But becoming a real pizza maker is not so easy, you need to have valuable knowledge about making the perfect dough for your favorite snack – Italian pizza.

  1. The final taste of the dish depends on the dough. Therefore, the base is prepared from several varieties of wheat (ordinary and coarse grinding) and spread on a hot baking sheet.
  2. True pizza makers knead the dough very quickly but leave it to rise for a couple of days. Their movements are smooth but confident, they try to knead every fold, fill the dough with oxygen, make it soft and elastic.
  3. A true master will never use a rolling pin. He works with the dough with his hands, stretches it, throws it into the air, twists it, thinning his “canvas”.
  4. The thickness of a classic Neapolitan pizza is exactly 3 mm in the center and 1-2 cm at the side. This strict rule is followed in all restaurants.
  5. To keep the dough from getting wet, you can brush it with extra virgin olive oil.
  6. You should not stock up on freshly prepared dough for future use; after defrosting, its delicate texture may be disturbed, and you will not be able to achieve an ideal result with maximum effort.
  7. A semi-finished product is baked at high temperatures in stone ovens on hot stones that serve as a baking sheet. For a short time in the oven, the ingredients have time to cook without losing their useful properties, the crust becomes perfectly crispy.
  8. If you want a flat base, then preheat 2 trays in the oven at different levels. You will need them to properly bake the dough. Put the dough on the upper tier, the heat from the lower one will rise upward, evenly heating the 1st baking sheet. This will cook the pizza in half the time.
  9. Kneading. This is the most delicate process. The secret lies in the patience and experience of the master. Do not use rolling pins, knead the dough with your hands, feel how it becomes pliable, do not tear when stretched. Do this lovingly, without too much fuss, preferably in a warm room.
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