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9 Tips for Grilling Steak as in a Restaurant

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A recipe to make a juicy beef steak at home, almost like in a restaurant. Beautiful, tasty, with stripes, and most importantly healthy! Like the previous steak recipe in a regular pan, this recipe is real salvation from hunger. When you need to quickly cook a piece of meat, there is no better way than to fry a beefsteak. It will take 20 minutes in total to cook. But you can take your time.

  1. Beef meat.
    This is essentially the only ingredient. Everything is correct. Nothing else is needed. For a good steak, we just need one good piece of beef. The beef should be fresh, the fresher the better. Calf meat is ideal. Great – meat streaked with fat. Just don’t confuse fat with ligaments. It will be tough in these places and the piece will also lead when frying since the ligaments are strongly compressed during heating and frying. It is best for meat that it is one piece of one muscle.
  1. Do we need to beat the meat?
    I will answer the question with a question. What for? A piece of meat of 1.5 – 2 centimeters, chosen as we have already decided, does not require any additional processing. In his pan, so her, grill!
  2. Is it possible to fry frozen meat?
    In the last recipe, I allowed the meat to be roasted from the freezer. Taking into account the fact that we are now using the grill, it is still better to let the meat thaw. This will allow less water to melt, which in frozen form is familiar to us as ice. In a flat frying pan, heating frozen meat slightly improves the frying process in terms of reducing sticking and boiling the top layer and frying it at the same time. On the grill pan, we get soup with a piece of meat. Therefore, it is better to let the meat move a little so that the top layer defrosts.
    But ideally, fry chilled or defrosted meat. Then even if there is still ice between the fibers inside, the toasted outer layer inhibits moisture inside the piece.
    Answer: you can, but wisely.
  3. Spices and salt
    The steak does not require salting when frying. This is definitely unnecessary. Serve a cooked piece of grilled meat with coarse salt on top, or add some salt as you eat, and you will be good. The meat has its own wonderful taste, slightly salty. If the steak is not deep-fried, medium, or generally “with blood” – then the tastes will be different and very pleasant and without salt. But experiment, add coarse salt and pepper to the table.
    There are tips to salt before frying, marinate, and more. My advice is not to salt, do not spoil the taste of pure meat. The undersalt is always on the table, and at hand. Give yourself the freedom to choose whether or not to salt!
  4. Frying pan. The best frying pan is a cast iron grill pan. A thick bottom gives some thermal inertia. Naturally, fry only after good heating of the cast-iron pan, not before.
  5. With or without oil. According to the technology of its maintenance, the cast iron frying pan is always oiled. Taking into account the fact that we are grilling in a pan, the meat falls on the grooved protrusions. You don’t need to use oil at all. If this confuses you, lightly grease the pan with olive oil using a brush or a piece of cheesecloth. But I repeat – a cast-iron grill pan allows you to fry without oil.
  1. Temperature or frying mode
    It’s hard to say about the temperature. I roast on gas on the most powerful burner. I set it to almost maximum to warm up the cast iron. Then I decrease it by more than half (when the cast iron handle of the grill pan gets hot). And I fry the meat in this mode. In a hot cast-iron frying pan, you don’t have to think about such trifles as how many degrees Celsius the temperature costs when frying meat.
  2. How often to turn over
    Everything is simple here. As soon as a piece of meat hits the hot skillet, I timed 2 or 3 minutes for each side. Depending on the degree of roast and the thickness of the meat. Meat up to 2 centimeters requires 2 minutes on each side. Thicker is more. Fry deeper – 3 minutes for meat up to 2 cm thick. It’s simple. Turn over – once. Fried 2-3 minutes on one side, turned it over and another 2-3 minutes on the other and that’s it. Meat on a plate!
  3. When and how to serve. Preferably while it is still warm. Why is there a cold steak? Fried a steak, on a plate of it, knives, forks. A bunch of greens. Drinks and everything. Let’s not sit with a stopwatch.

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