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9 Tips for Making the Best Desserts

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Are your buns, cakes and cookies still far from ideal? Don’t get discouraged, it’s never too late to learn the art of culinary. These simple life hacks will help you successfully prepare any dessert.

  1. Do not deviate from the recipe. The most important thing in preparing desserts, and especially baking, is to follow the recipe. Of course, no one denies that experimenting with ingredients is possible and sometimes even necessary. But only if you are sure of the final result. For example, adding honey to baked goods can make them less moist and airy. You don’t want to get such a dessert, do you? Therefore, when deciding to cook sweets, be sure to follow the sequence of actions and proportions. Try not to mix all the foods randomly. Otherwise, instead of a soft and porous dough, you will get a hard lump that no one will like.
  2. Sift flour. Most housewives treat this important stage of cooking negligently. And in vain! After all, it is the sifting of flour that mainly affects the structure of the baked goods, as well as how quickly it rises in the oven. Sifting flour allows baked goods to become more airy, as more air bubbles appear between the grains. Accordingly, the yeast in the dough begins to react faster. Do this before preparing your dessert. And if you have time, then generally sift the flour twice. So you will definitely be sure of the splendor and tenderness of the texture of your baked goods.
  3. Do not measure ingredients in glasses. When preparing desserts, almost every housewife uses an ordinary faceted glass as a weight meter. On the one hand, it is very convenient and in many recipes the weight of the ingredients is indicated in the glasses. But there is one nuance in this manipulation. Measuring ingredients with a glass is unreliable because different product weights may result. In addition, during the preparation process, you can make a mistake with the proportions, measuring half or a quarter of a glass by eye. If you want the perfect dessert, get yourself a kitchen scale. With them, you will be sure of the result of the work done.
  4. Choose your eggs correctly. Few people know, but eggs of different ages are required to create a certain type of confectionery. So, for example, for making ice cream, it is better to choose fresh eggs. But for making meringues, give preference to the old ones. Here it is quite logical that the question may arise: “How can this be done?” You can determine the age of chicken eggs using a regular bowl filled with water. Place an egg in a bowl and observe its behavior. If the egg falls to the bottom of the bowl, then it is fresh. If it rises with a blunt end up, it is older. But if it floats up on the surface of the water, then it is better to throw it away.
  5. Set aside special utensils for desserts. You cannot use the same utensils for the preparation of desserts, side dishes, meat and fish dishes. If you don’t want your baked goods to taste like salty foods and have distant aromas, separate kitchen knives, boards, and spatulas. And if there are not enough tools in the kitchen, be sure to purchase new ones, especially for desserts. This will prevent your sweet treats from becoming salty and smelling like other foods.
  6. Don’t forget about time. When you start making dessert, remember to keep track of the time. If the recipe says the biscuit should bake for 30 minutes, set the timer to 28 minutes. Stay close to the kitchen while the baked goods are in the oven. When you smell a pleasant aroma, check the baked goods. Trust your instinct more than the recipe, and this way you will definitely avoid the dessert sticking.
  7. Monitor the temperature of the oil. It turns out that butter with the wrong temperature can ruin almost any dessert. When using melted butter to make cakes and muffins, the dough will not be porous and will not rise well. Most often, oil at room temperature should be used for desserts, which, when pressed with your finger, will easily knead. But for making muffins and cookies, the butter must be completely different. For this test, it is important that the butter only melts slightly after being stored in the refrigerator. Otherwise, you will never be able to achieve a delicious golden crust.
  8. Use a different flour. Do not be limited to trivial ideas and use different types of flour for baking. Wheat flour makes excellent shortbread dough, and oatmeal makes delicious cookies and pancakes. A mixture of wheat and oat flour is very suitable for making cakes and biscuits. But buckwheat flour can give baked goods not only a special and aromatic taste, but also real benefits. Buckwheat flour can be safely used for making muffins, pancakes and pies. When choosing flour for baking, pay attention to its protein content. Flour with a higher protein content usually produces excellent baked goods and cakes. A product with a minimum protein content is best used for making fluffy cakes, pastries and cupcakes.
  9. Use quality parchment paper. If you are used to baking desserts directly on the baking sheet, rather change your habit. Use parchment paper. This will prevent the bottom and top of the dessert from scorching. In addition, this will allow you to avoid an unpleasant fate for a long time at the sink and wipe off the carbon deposits from the baking sheet. If necessary, you can even fold the parchment paper in half to keep it warm.
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