10 Amazing Facts About Chinese Сabbage

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Peking cabbage came to us from China, where it is combined with spicy and sweet sauces that set off its taste. We are used to using it in salads, sometimes it is added to various soups, but it is best to eat fresh cabbage. It replaces white cabbage and several types of lettuce leaves. Peking cabbage can be included in the cabbage diet.

  1. In Japan, it is used not only as a vegetable but also as an ornamental plant.
  2. This vegetable has been grown in China for 5 thousand years.
  3. Peking cabbage grows very quickly, the harvest ripens in two months.
  4. Residents of the East believe that with the regular use of cabbage, you can extend life expectancy by several years.
  5. It can be stored all winter and does not lose nutrients.
  6. It improves immunity, and if you eat it at least twice a week, you will not be afraid of infectious diseases. It contains citric acid and even carotene. Cabbage helps to get rid of edema and remove excess fluid from the body; it is also an excellent preventive measure against atherosclerosis.
  7. It contains less vitamin C than white cabbage, but there are much more vitamins such as A and B groups. Thanks to citric acid, which is in Peking cabbage, it retains beneficial substances for a long time.
  8. Peking cabbage is great for the diet, it is included in many dishes. It contains fiber and vitamins that are needed for the full functioning of the whole body. The calorie content of this type of cabbage is only 16 calories per 100 grams. It is believed to have negative calorie content, that is, it does not turn into subcutaneous fat even when consumed in large quantities.
  9. Chinese cabbage contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is essential for excellent food digestion.
  10. Chinese cabbage will give your teeth and bones health thanks to calcium. Also, regular consumption of cabbage helps to get rid of stress, it prevents bleeding.

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