Bring on the Coal! This is Behind the Activated Carbon Trend

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Juice bars in New York and Los Angeles have long included them in their range. We’re not talking about green smoothies – which are almost a thing of the past again – but about activated charcoal. This is supposed to be particularly healthy. We reveal what is behind the new trend.

The renowned TIME Magazine called activated charcoal the latest in-ingredient for health-conscious people. And actress Gwyneth Paltrow even called a lemonade with activated charcoal the “best juice cleanser ever”. So what exactly is behind the activated carbon trend?

Due to their black color, drinks with activated charcoal are reminiscent of the school paint boxes of the past and look very difficult to get used to. Because apart from coffee and cola, there have not been any pitch-black drinks on the market so far. But with activated charcoal, this is about to change. There are also drinks with a gray color. These are different types of nut milk to which activated charcoal is added. Visually, however, they are more reminiscent of building cement.

How does activated charcoal work?

The effect of activated charcoal, unlike its appearance, sounds promising: it is said to detoxify and help against unpleasant body odors. Even with a hangover or nasty jet lag, charcoal drinks should be able to contribute to faster regeneration.

The activated carbon for the drinks is heated with steam. As a result of this process, part of the carbon is gasified and what remains is negatively charged charcoal, which is intended to absorb positively charged toxins (poisons). Gases and acids should also be bound with the help of activated carbon and thus prevented from being absorbed by the cells.

However, activated carbon can also bind valuable nutrients. The maximum amount of 1-3 grams per day must therefore not be exceeded.

How do the charcoal drinks taste?

Activated charcoal is tasteless. Adding almond milk, another nut milk, or some kind of lemonade gives the drinks a flavor that isn’t all that bad. Only the consistency takes getting used to. Because there are many small carbon particles in the drinks, which can be felt in the mouth when drinking.

Where are the activated charcoal drinks available?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to fly all the way to the US to try the charcoal drinks. They are now also offered by German green smoothie and juice suppliers. However, these are not cheap. Three activated charcoal lemonades and 3 activated charcoal nut milk cost around 55 euros in a set.

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