Growing garlic yourself is very easy: separate the cloves, stick them in the ground and watch the garlic thrive. As soon as the green shoots turn brown, the garlic bulb is ready to be harvested. Read here why autumn is the best planting time and what you should consider for a rich garlic harvest.

Growing garlic is also great for people without a green thumb because the tuber is undemanding and can survive frost.

The best time to grow the white tuber is autumn. In this way, the tuber can grow over the spring and autumn and develop better than if cultivation were only started at the classic planting time in May. The cold of winter does not damage the seedlings but actually promotes their growth.

To plant garlic yourself, you do not need special plant garlic. The only important thing is that the tuber comes from the region in which you live because garlic from China or the Mediterranean region is used to higher temperatures and thrives much worse than the more robust bulbs from colder areas.

How to plant the garlic bulb

Garlic naturally thrives best in a bed. Make grooves about four centimeters deep and put a clove of garlic in each about ten centimeters apart (transverse distance to the next groove 20 centimeters). Cover loosely with soil and water. In spring, the green garlic begins to sprout, later the plant bears a decorative flower.

In these inflorescences sit small bulbs, not unlike a clove of garlic. They can also be sown, but they don’t produce as good a yield as garlic cloves. It is recommended to pinch off the flowers so that the plant puts all its energy into developing the tuber.

As soon as the green wilts, the garlic bulb is ready to be harvested: pull it out of the ground and let it dry in a dry, airy place. You can either use the cloves in the kitchen or replant them.

Garlic also thrives on the balcony. It is vital to choose a sufficiently large planter, for example, a wooden or plastic box. You can get them in any supermarket for little money. Before you fill the container with soil, provide the bottom with a few drainage holes so that the moisture cannot accumulate. Garlic plants prefer sunny, sheltered locations.