Currywurst with fries or schnitzel: that’s the usual canteen food cliché. But the typical menu is in transition. More and more people are opting for a more conscious way of life, and regional and seasonal products are becoming increasingly important to consumers. This also affects the orders in the canteens, because healthy canteen food is more in demand than ever!

Healthy canteen food is extremely popular

Healthy meals are being ordered more and more frequently in the canteens of companies, clinics, homes, and rehabilitation facilities. This is shown by a survey of around 300 managers, which the Internorga trade fair presented in advance.

According to this, 80 percent of those surveyed said that they influence a healthy diet with the food they offer. Especially vegetarian and vegan meals are in demand, as Internorga reports.

A conscious way of life

It is also particularly pleasing that more regional and seasonal products are used for the canteen food. In this way, various dishes can also be offered more cheaply, which creates a renewed incentive to buy. Around 30 million meals a week are served in canteen kitchens.