The founders of “Meisterwerk” offer various bread mixes including the trendy superfood chia for shipping. The packages should fit in every mailbox.

Do you remember the hype surrounding the bread maker? A flour mixture was added, and after a great deal of rolling, kneading, and baking, the end result was a cube-shaped loaf with a hole in it, which was bone-dry in two days.

After that, it became fashionable to put as much manual labor as possible into baking bread: Grain was crushed, sourdough was prepared, fermentation baskets were bought and pre-ferments were made. The result was definitely better than with the bread maker, but it still took a lot of effort to make a sandwich.

On offer at Meisterwerk: Vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free baking mixes

The managing directors of Meisterwerk from Hamburg now want to delight us with a compromise between practical and handmade: In their bread baking mixes, which you can order online, the various ingredients are packaged separately, so that you have a good overview of what the dough ultimately consists of.

Just open the bag, add water and baking doesn’t work; With some products, such as the hearty wholemeal bread, a so-called scalded piece must first be prepared, i.e. rye meal soaked in hot water.

On the easy-to-understand Meisterwerk website, you will not only find a detailed list of the ingredients of each bread but also learn all sorts of instructive information about bread baking, and keyword scalded pieces.

Allergy sufferers will also find what they are looking for here: Meisterwerk also has gluten-free bread and lactose-free bread. All but one baking mix are vegan.

At around 5 to 6 euros per dough mixture, the products from Meisterwerk are not a bargain, especially since you have to add on your own energy costs, which the baker would otherwise take care of for you. But if you want to get a taste of bread baking, you should take a closer look at the beautifully designed website.