This is probably the most delicate temptation since ice cream has existed: wafer-thin ice cream rolls! The trend is spilling over from Thailand to more and more countries, and so in many German cities, delicate rolls are now being formed with a sharp spatula and served in an ice cream sundae.

Delicate rolls as an ice cream trend

Foodies no longer order their ice cream in the form of large balls, but rather as wafer-thin rolls: Ice Cream Rolls are the name of the latest food trend that is spilling over from Thailand and making ice cream lovers happy. Best of all: the ice rolls are prepared individually for the customer on-site – this guarantees freshness and there is something for every taste!

This is how ice cream rolls are made

The basis of the ice cream rolls is the crème anglaise – a cream made of egg yolk, sugar, and milk. This mass is placed on a metal plate at a temperature of around minus 20 degrees and refined with the customer’s favorite ingredients. This can be fruit, chocolate, or biscuits, for example, which are chopped up directly on the plate, mixed with the cream, and then spread thinly on top.

Healthy ice cream enjoyment?

Depending on the method of preparation, there are around 110 kilocalories in 100 grams of crème anglaise alone – plus the calories from the toppings you have chosen. For comparison: 100 grams of vanilla ice cream have about 200 calories.

Thus, none of the ice cream variants are really a figure-conscious choice. With the right toppings such as berries or nuts, however, some “empty” calories can be saved on the ice cream rolls. But the same applies here: Sweet sins are of course allowed from time to time and can then be enjoyed all the more!