As a quick snack, many people like to grab fruity yogurt from the fridge. However, this is usually not touched by yourself, but manufactured industrially – and that’s where the problem lies. Because a recent study found out: that fruit yogurts are sugar bombs! The consumer should therefore raise awareness when enjoying the milk product.

The study

Two students from the University of Hohenheim examined the sugar content in fruit yogurts and found out that there is much more sugar in dairy products than is good for the body. Fruit yogurts are sugar bombs! A total of 600 varieties from various brands were examined in the laboratory for the study. The result: Almost all fruit yogurts contain roughly the same amount of sugar, namely around 14.1 grams in 100 g cups.

A single fruit yogurt thus almost completely covers the maximum value of the daily requirement for energy from sugar. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sugar accounts for only five percent of daily energy requirements – and other sugary foods and drinks are consumed throughout the day.

Pioneers of Norway and Switzerland

Some food companies in Switzerland and Norway are showing a possible solution in the fight against sugary fruit yogurts. The latter offers buyers yogurts in six different levels of sweetness, ranging from 0 to 13 grams of added sugar. A manufacturer in Switzerland reduced the sugar content in its fruit yogurts by 45 percent. It remains to be seen whether the food industry in Germany will react to these results and also reduce the sugar content.

Make your own fruit yogurt

The best way to keep an eye on the sugar content is to simply touch the delicious fruit yogurt yourself. This is not only easy on the wallet but also saves a lot of calories! The best thing about it: the fruit yogurt tastes particularly good with your favorite fruits. It gets crispy with a topping of nuts, seeds, or muesli flakes.