A few years ago, the latte macchiato was the coffee drink of the moment. Then he faced competition from filter coffee, the preparation of which was celebrated in all its facets. And now? Let’s drink cold coffee. But not as ice coffee, but as cold brew coffee.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

While with iced coffee the coffee is first boiled in a conventional way and cooled before consumption, cold brew coffee differs in its production. As the name suggests, the caffeinated drink is made with cold rather than hot water. Leave the coffee in the water for at least 12 hours. This type of preparation means that cold brew coffee has less acidity and bitterness than conventional coffee. It is therefore also suitable for people with a sensitive stomach.

It is lighter in color than espresso or filter coffee and has a brownish tint. Due to the gentle way it is prepared, the cold brew coffee is full of flavors ranging from berries to chocolate to roasted nuts. Connoisseurs also taste chocolate or citrus aromas.

In the US, cold brew coffee has been pretty hot for a while. There you can buy the trendy drink in stylish brown glass bottles, but now also in Tetra Pak or as a concentrate for home use. In Germany too, more and more coffee shops are selling cold coffee, mostly in glass bottles. A bottle costs around three euros and upwards. If you want it cheaper, you can simply test Cold Brew Coffee at home.

Make your own cold brew coffee

You don’t need a complex machine or anything similar for this – a simple French press is enough.

For a pot (about 0.25 liters) you need about 40 grams of ground coffee. Of course, not the cheapest brand from the supermarket should be used, but aromatic high-quality coffee. Pour the coffee into the pot, pour in 250 milliliters of water, and let it steep overnight. Press the stamp down in the morning and the cold brew coffee can be enjoyed.

Connoisseurs drink it purely because of the aromas. If you want, you can also mix the coffee with cold milk. If you want to learn more about special coffee trends, also read our Bulletproof Coffee article!