Saudi Arabia


Introduction: Exploring Traditional Snacks from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its rich and diverse culinary heritage. From savory meat dishes to sweet desserts, the country’s cuisine offers something for everyone. Among the many delicacies in Saudi Arabian cuisine, traditional snacks are quite popular. These snacks offer a quick and delicious way to satisfy hunger pangs and are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular traditional snacks from Saudi Arabia. These snacks are not only delicious but also give us a glimpse of the country’s rich cultural heritage.

1. Al-Khubs: A Popular Bread Snack in Saudi Cuisine

Al-Khubs is a traditional Saudi Arabian bread that is a staple in the country’s cuisine. It is a round, flat bread that is similar to pita bread. The bread is made using flour, yeast, salt, and water. It is baked in a tandoor oven, giving it a slightly crispy texture on the outside and a soft and fluffy texture on the inside.

Al-Khubs is usually served with various dishes such as hummus, baba ghanoush, and ful medames. It can also be used to make sandwiches or filled with meat and vegetables to make a quick and easy snack.

2. Sambusa: A Delicious Fried Pastry with Savory Fillings

Sambusa is a popular and delicious snack in Saudi Arabia. It is a fried pastry that is filled with savory fillings, usually meat or vegetables. The pastry is made using a thin dough that is folded into a triangle shape and filled with the desired filling.

Sambusa is usually served as an appetizer or as a quick snack on the go. It is often accompanied by a sweet and tangy dipping sauce made from tamarind and dates.

3. Mutabbaq: A Crispy Pancake Stuffed with Spicy Meat or Vegetables

Mutabbaq is a crispy pancake that is stuffed with spicy meat or vegetables. It is a popular street food in Saudi Arabia and is often eaten for breakfast or as a snack. The pancake is made using a dough that is filled with the desired filling and then fried until crispy.

Mutabbaq is usually served with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce made from tomatoes, chili, and spices. It is a flavorful and satisfying snack that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

4. Harees: A Porridge-like Dish Made from Wheat and Meat

Harees is a traditional Saudi Arabian dish that is similar to porridge. It is made using wheat and meat that is cooked together until it has a smooth and creamy texture. The dish is usually seasoned with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper.

Harees is often served during Ramadan and other special occasions. It is a comforting and filling snack that is enjoyed by many in Saudi Arabia.

5. Luqaimat: A Sweet, Deep-Fried Dough Ball Served with Honey or Syrup

Luqaimat is a sweet and indulgent snack that is popular in Saudi Arabia. It is a small dough ball that is deep-fried until crispy and golden. The dough ball is then drizzled with honey or syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Luqaimat is often eaten during Ramadan and other special occasions. It is a sweet and satisfying snack that is loved by locals and tourists alike.

6. Kabsa: A Flavorful Rice Dish with Meat and Spices, Often Served as a Snack

Kabsa is a flavorful rice dish that is often served as a snack in Saudi Arabia. It is made using long-grain rice that is cooked with meat, vegetables, and a blend of spices. The dish is often garnished with nuts, raisins, and fried onions.

Kabsa is a popular dish in Saudi Arabia and is often served during special occasions such as weddings and festivals. It is a delicious and satisfying snack that is enjoyed by many.


In conclusion, traditional snacks from Saudi Arabia offer a delicious and unique culinary experience. From crispy pastries to sweet indulgences, these snacks are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a satisfying meal, these traditional snacks are sure to please your taste buds.

Saudi Arabia is home to some of the most flavorful and unique street food items in the world. From savory meat dishes to sweet desserts, there are plenty of must-try options for foodies looking to explore the country’s rich culinary traditions. Whether you’re a fan of spicy, bold flavors or prefer milder, more subtle tastes, there is something for everyone on the streets of Saudi Arabia. So, if you’re planning a visit to this fascinating country, be sure to set aside some time to sample the delicious street food on offer – you won’t be disappointed!

Saudi Arabia is a predominantly Muslim country that practices Islamic dietary laws. Beverages such as coffee, tea, and fruit juices are popular among locals. Non-alcoholic malt beverages like Barbican and Birell are also widely consumed. Traditional drinks like laban and tamarind juice are commonly served during meals. However, alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.