The world of coffee is exciting, diverse and full of records that make even the experts and coffee machine manufacturers drop their jaws. Coffee sets a record on its own: with over 800 flavors, it is one of the most aromatic foods in the world. In addition, there are many curiosities and superlatives: Which is the most expensive coffee in the world? Which fully automatic coffee machine manufacturer has managed to produce the smallest fully automatic coffee machine in the world? And who owns the largest collection of coffee pots in the world? We introduce you to the strangest records about coffee and coffee machines.

1. The most expensive coffee in the world

The most expensive type of coffee in the world is by far the Indonesian Kopi Luwak. The so-called “cat coffee” is sold at a kilo price of the equivalent of 800 to 1200 euros and is considered an absolute luxury coffee by coffee lovers and experts such as coffee machine manufacturers.

But the somewhat – let’s call it “unusual” – production of the extraordinary coffee variety at least partly justifies the high price: the raw coffee cherries are fed to Indonesian civets, which can only digest the pulp, but not the beans. However, their stomach enzymes remove bitter substances from the bean, so that the roasted coffee has a rather soft and mild taste.

The second most expensive coffee in the world is based on a very similar principle: in the case of Black Ivory for 850 euros per kilo, it is Thai elephants through whose digestive tract the coffee beans migrate. The resulting coffee is only served in a few exclusive resorts in northern Thailand and the Maldives.

2. The largest collection of coffee pots

Once you have made your favorite coffee with the professional coffee machine, it must of course be filled into a container. Most people use a coffee pot for this – nothing special it seems. But Robert Dahl, a Rostock entrepreneur, probably had a great love for the coffee pot, because he has been collecting the most diverse types of crockery for many years.

Large, small, round, thick, decorated with gold rims or flowers – Robert Dahl has them all. Or at least very many. His collection of around 800 pieces in 2007 has increased fortyfold and has grown to over 32,000 copies. This makes Dahl the clear world record holder.

3. Swiss coffee machine manufacturer builds the world’s fastest espresso machine

Even if the Swiss are generally better known for taking a little more time with all things in life – there is no trace of comfort in the invention of the coffee machine manufacturers A. Schurr, J. Lüönd and A. Lütold.

The wondrous espresso machine actually manages to produce a proud 11.5 liters of espresso in one minute, which, according to the coffee machine manufacturer, is of course very enjoyable. With the “Swiss Espressi Extractor”, the coffee machine manufacturers have thus created the fastest professional coffee machine in the world.

4. World Barista Championship: There can only be one

Every year, the national champions of the barista championships meet to host the world championships: who will get the crown? In 15 minutes, the coffee experts demand everything from the professional coffee machine and make four espressos, four cappuccini and four of their own coffee creations.

These are then evaluated by a jury in terms of taste, appearance, aroma and consistency. Jooyeon Jeon from South Korea won in 2019, and in 2020 the World Barista Championship will be held in Melbourne, Australia.

5. The miracle of the fully automatic coffee machine manufacturer: The smallest fully automatic coffee machine in the world

It is only 180 millimeters wide, the smallest fully automatic coffee machine in the world. The fully automatic coffee machine manufacturer who has managed to do this is called KOENIG and once again comes from Switzerland.

Despite its small size, the coffee machine has all the components that a professional coffee machine needs: Patented brewing system, touchscreen, precision conical grinder, height-adjustable coffee spout – in short, everything that coffee lovers could wish for from the coffee machine manufacturer. The biggest advantage: This device really fits in every kitchen.

6. The biggest cappuccino in the world

The biggest cappuccino in the world that was ever made is a real giant: 2000 liters of cappuccino were prepared in Zagreb by 1000 baristas using a professional coffee machine and then poured into a large cup. We only have one question: Who was allowed to drink the giant cappuccino again…?

7. Time for a coffee party

Better, faster, more expensive – why not set a world record with comfort? That’s what 8162 coffee fans thought when they met in 2009 in Cologne’s youth park for a coffee party. Right at the front: Gisela – the unmistakable fictional character of the comedian Hape Kerkeling. What fun!