In order to avoid a so-called neural tube defect in the baby, you should take folic acid before and during pregnancy. You can find out when and how much in this article.

Vitamin B folic acid: when should you take the tablets?

With a balanced and varied diet, healthy adults usually do not need to take dietary supplements. An exception is folic acid – the synthetic form of the B vitamin folate.

The BfR recommends taking 400 grams of folic acid daily in the first trimester of pregnancy in addition to the usual diet, which should be as rich in folate as possible. Women who want to have children should also deal with the topic. Because according to a new flyer from the BfR

There is a reason for the point in time: the development of the central nervous system begins around three weeks after conception, with the so-called neural tube

Vitamin B: Which foods contain folate?

Leafy greens like spinach and salads
wheat germ
whole grain products
For a folate-rich diet, the DGE recommends eating at least three servings of vegetables a day. When preparing, you should make sure that you only wash and steam the vegetables briefly and without chopping them up. You shouldn’t boil it or keep it warm. It is also advisable to eat whole grain products, milk and milk products, and the occasional liver every day. However, the DGE advises avoiding liver in the first trimester of pregnancy.