Consume Frozen Venison Quickly

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Venison is considered a delicacy by many and is usually prepared and served on special occasions. Because of its low-fat content and its high protein content, the meat of venison, deer, and the like is also preferred by figure-conscious gourmets. You shouldn’t wait too long to enjoy it, because deep-frozen game meat should be used up quickly.

Prepare venison as soon as possible

If game meat is stored in the freezer, it should not be too long before it is eaten. The consumer information service aid advises processing deep-frozen game meat quickly. The best before date should be taken into account.

If the recommended storage time is exceeded, the fat in venison begins to taste rancid. If deer, stag, and co. are killed during the mating season, the meat may taste slightly like urine. In order to be able to enjoy the full taste, it helps to freeze the venison for several months.

That’s why venison is healthy!

Especially in the winter months, dishes with, for example, roe deer, partridge, fallow deer, wild boar, and rabbit are on the menu. All these game species have this very special taste that characterizes the meat. It is also high in protein and low in cholesterol and fat. Venison contains even less fat than lean pork or beef – the only exception being wild boar, which is relatively fatty.

The meat of wild animals mainly contains B vitamins as well as iron, selenium, and zinc. Before consumption, game meat should always be thoroughly roasted at a core temperature of 70 °C, otherwise, there is a risk of infection with animal disease. In addition, the heavy metal pollution and pesticide residues in game meat could sometimes be higher than in slaughtered animals.

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