Drunkorexia: Fasting Before Drinking

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In order not to gain weight and not to have to do without alcohol when partying, young people fast before drinking alcohol – and thus endanger their health. EAT SMARTER enlightens you about the dangerous phenomenon of drunkorexia.

What is drunkorexia?

The term drunkorexia is made up of the English word “drunk” (intoxicated) and “anorexia” (anorexia). A recent British study shows that more and more young men and women are giving up food before drinking to stay slim.

Alcoholic beverages are high in calories and hit the hips. For example, half a liter of beer has 200 calories, a glass of white wine (200 milliliters) provides 150 calories and glass (300 milliliters) of the Caipirinha cocktail contains 320 calories. For many young people, however, a party without alcohol is unimaginable. Instead of drinking a glass or two of wine with relish and enjoying the evening tipsy and fully conscious, many people get drunk to the point of intoxication. Excessive consumption of alcohol also means a lot of calories.

In order not to gain weight, it is better to forgo food than one or two cocktails in the evening. Often the aim is even to drink so much alcohol that you throw up. This is to get rid of the calories you have taken in. Very few are aware of how dangerous such behavior is and how much it damages the body.

That’s how dangerous fasting before intoxication is

It is still controversial among medical professionals whether drunkorexia is an independent clinical picture, but it is definitely dangerous and harmful to health. In order to stay healthy, our body needs nutrients, minerals and vitamins. We eat these when we eat. Substituting alcohol for food can quickly lead to acute malnutrition. In addition, alcohol damages the body. For example, it removes minerals from the body, inhibits the regeneration of skin cells, and can lead to liver damage in the long term.

Alcohol consumption in moderation

Having a glass of wine or a cocktail every now and then is okay. Aiming for a healthy body weight too. However, one’s health should not be jeopardized either.

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