Listeria Detected: Penny Recalls Gorgonzola

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The company “IGOR s.r.l. Italy” is recalling the products “SAN FABIO GORGONZOLA DOP DOLCE 200 g” and “SAN FABIO GORGONZOLA DOP PICCANTE 200 g” sold by Penny for reasons of preventive consumer protection. The reason for this is the detection of Listeria in these two types of cheese.

This affects all items throughout Germany with all best-before dates and batch numbers, as Penny now announces. The products are marked with the following EAN codes (bar codes):

  • 23685390 (Dolce) and
  • 22138569 (Picante).

The company “IGOR s.r.l. Italy” advises against the consumption of the goods due to possible health risks and has removed the items from the market as a precaution. Customers who bring the relevant products back to the respective Penny stores will receive a full refund of the purchase price.

Listeria is a widespread type of bacteria that, with its flu-like symptoms, can be dangerous mainly for pregnant women, newborns, the sick, and people with a weakened immune system.

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