Netto Recalls Chive Liver Sausage

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For reasons of preventive consumer protection, the company “Steinemann GmbH & Co. KG” is recalling its “delicacy chive liver sausage top quality”. The reason for this is the discovery of listeria in a batch.

Product recall

Affected by the product recall is the “Delikatess Chive Liver Sausage” from the Steinemann brand (250 grams) and the following labels:

  • Lot with the best before date 09/18/2016 and the lot number 033016115

The product was offered regionally at Netto-Marken-Discount in parts of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia. Consumption of the product is not recommended.

Customers who have bought the product in question can return it to their shops for a refund of the purchase price, even without presenting the receipt. Other best-before dates or other Steinemann products are not affected.

Microbiological contamination of some packs

During a sample, Listeria monocytogenes was found in the delicacy chive liver sausage. Flu-like symptoms and intestinal infections can occur after consumption of products contaminated with Listeria.

Population groups such as pregnant women, the elderly, children, and people with a weakened immune system should be particularly careful and consult a doctor if they have any symptoms.

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