Not Just For Drinking: Surprising Beer Tips – Why You Should Always Have Beer in The House

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Beer should not be missing in your household. Whether for a snack, after work or at parties, people like to have a beer. But you can also use it in the household.

Everything shines: beer as a furniture polish

Maybe you see it now as a pure waste. But beer is not only suitable as a thirst quencher after work, it also works well as a furniture polish.

Do you perhaps have a beautiful old piece of wooden furniture in your apartment? An old wooden table? A chest of drawers? Then just polish it every now and then with some beer.

To do this, put just a small sip on a soft cotton lamp and gently rub it over the furniture. The good piece is already shining again. We can all make mistakes when cleaning and, for example, damage the surfaces of furniture rather than clean them carefully.

Coffee stains: The stain is quickly gone with beer

You can use beer to clean surfaces very well – coffee stains in particular can be removed very well with the help of beer.

After a few minutes, gently wipe over it with a sponge. For stubborn stains, repeat the process several times until the stain is gone. To neutralize the smell of beer, finally wipe with a little clear water – done.

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