Red Velvet Croissant: New York Sees Red

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While we are still happy about donuts, cupcakes, and co., food trends such as rainbow bagels or muggles have not even caught on with us. Now we’re already discovering the next treat on the web – it’s red, greasy, sweet, and outrageously delicious: the Red Velvet Croissant. EAT SMARTER presents the latest food trend from New York.

Velvety red pleasure

Even an ordinary butter croissant is so delicious that you have to treat yourself to it from time to time, even if it’s greasy. The Red Velvet Croissant goes one better: A butter croissant is dyed spectacular red with food coloring and filled with a cream cheese pudding cream.

Because that’s not enough, the sweet puff pastry is topped with red syrup and velvety red velvet cake crumbs. New Yorkers are currently crazy about the new croissant creation and are busy posting pictures online, which they have tagged with hashtags like #soyummy #foodporn #happymonday or #iwillbrushmyteeth.

Who invented it?

New York chef Thiago Silva is known far beyond the city for his unusual cakes, donuts, and croissants. Again and again, he creates new sweet and savory calorie bombs that the residents of the Big Apple pounce on. In addition to crême brulée croissants, Oreo biscuit croissants, or croissants with jam filling and peanut topping, he sells his latest creation, the Red Velvet Croissants, at the Union Fare Café in New York.

How healthy is the Red Velvet Croissant?

Here we have to ask ourselves: How unhealthy is the Red Velvet Croissant? Even an ordinary butter croissant burdens our calorie account with 330 kilocalories and contains 22 grams of fat. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends consuming no more than 60 grams of fat per day.

With just one Red Velvet Croissant you already consume about half of the daily permissible amount of fat. The sweet cream cheese pudding filling, sugar syrup and cake crumbs on top don’t exactly make the croissant healthier. From a nutritional point of view, the food trend has too much fat, too much sugar, and consequently too many calories – but it’s definitely delicious.

From time to time you should be able to treat yourself to an unhealthy treat. We don’t want all the cute cafes and patisseries to go bankrupt because we don’t eat croissants or cakes anymore! A healthy balance and conscious enjoyment are the keys. We are excited to see the Red Velvet Croissant in Germany for the first time!

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