Store Leftovers Properly: You Should Never Use These Plastic Containers

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After enjoying the ice cream, what remains is the empty packaging. Margarine containers and the like are also still popular to store, freeze or reheat leftovers from food. But why shouldn’t you continue to use such containers?

Ice cream and margarine containers: why can continued use be harmful to health?

But what exactly makes such containers harmful to health if they are reused? Many of these packages are made of thermoplastics. This is especially true for ice cream packaging. These are designed for cold, frozen food and are completely harmless for this single use. However, if you put warm food in it, the container heats up and the plastics come loose. This allows them to transfer directly to the food. In the long run, you absorb various residues from the packaging through the food. Repeated rinsing and prolonged use can also cause chemical transfer as the containers are not designed for such a purpose.

But not only margarine packaging or ice cream containers have been designed for single use. Other retail packaging should not be misused either. These include: cream cheese jars, yoghurt pots and containers for ready-made salads.

Conclusion: If you want to continue using the containers, you should use them to store pens, screws or other small parts. However, if you want to store food, freeze it or heat it up in the microwave, use products that have been specially made for this purpose*. Glass containers and stainless steel jars are the better and healthier choice for storage jars.

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