The Smartwatch Trend – Play and Monitor Almost Everything On Your Wrist

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How many hours would you say you normally spend listening to music every day? Or play games on your mobile? If you’re anything like us, you probably like to take advantage of every chance you get to hit that play button. Let’s face it, music can be one heck of a good partner in almost all circumstances. 

Statistics issued by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry say we’ve been on an ascending trend from 2019 on, culminating with 18.4 hours of music listening a week in 2021. That’s the equivalent of approximately 368 tracks of three minutes each. An impressive figure, no doubt. What we find even more interesting is the great variety of services and devices that people use nowadays to play their favorite tunes.

Ranging from dedicated music streaming services, the standard YouTube app, old-school record players, CD players, stereos, laptops, and smartphones, there is a huge variety of options out there. One particular alternative that caught our eye is something we never even dreamed of seeing when Blink-182 took the Southern Californian punk scene by storm in the early 2000s: smartwatches.

Almost all smartwatches you can currently find on the market allow you to control the music you have on your smartphone. However, some smartphones are also capable of playing on-device music. The list includes options like Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Watch, Garmin, or Wear OS. Depending on the supported services and the operating system the smartwatch runs on, some watches will allow you to play your favorite music offline using playlists that you can download onto the watch or music storage solutions. A smartwatch that features LTE may also allow you to stream music straight from your wrist. What you still need, however, is a nice pair of headphones that can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, since not all smartwatches feature their own incorporated speakers.

Usually, if you want to download playlists so you can listen to music when you’re not online, you’ll need to sign up for a music streaming service. However, there are loads of alternatives that will allow you to play your music completely free of charge. 

Smartwatch Music Apps

If you own an Apple Watch or you plan on buying one, all you need to do is use the Watch app on your phone, scroll down to reach the menu for the Music app, and proceed to easily load your preferred albums or entire playlists. Plus, Apple displays a rich selection of third-party apps if you are already subscribed to different services. Spotify, for instance, can be used to add offline playlists or music downloads on your Apple Watch. Spotify also works well with Siri. Just make sure to add “on Spotify” when making a new Siri request to have your music played straight from your wrist.

If you are not a particularly big fan of Spotify, you could always try other options like Deezer and Pandora that also work great with offline playlists. How about some radio apps? There’s plenty of those too compatible with both Apple and Android devices. If you’re an OG fan of unfiltered alt-rock, our app will let you select those exact tunes that will perfectly match your mood by tuning in to all three Idobi stations. Keep in mind the app will also let you listen to interesting interviews and even watch videos and photos, set alarms for upcoming shows, or listen to podcasts.

Smartwatch Gambling 

If you’re a big fan of casinos or gaming in general, you can use your smartphone to gamble online. The top-10 lists of suggested online casinos now favor “smartwatch casinos,” which have become a significant trend in Australia. It’s easy to understand why. How awesome would it be to hit a life-changing progressive jackpot while waiting for the train home from work? With more than 25,000 slots games from some of the best developers on the planet, finding the coolest games to play straight on your wrist should not be a problem.

Smartwatch Movies 

If you don’t mind a tiny screen, you will be happy to hear you can also watch your favorite movies and YouTube videos on your smartwatch, but you need a special app such as Video for Android Wear & YouTub.

Health & Family Apps

Many use their smartphones to keep track of sleep patterns, get a reminder to take  their daily prescriptions, and monitor physical activities, but this is more convenient to let your smartwatch do. Family apps and parenting controls are also available on Smartwatches and this is really something every parent wants to have on their wrist at all times. 

Without a doubt, smartwatch entertainment is no longer just a thing of the future, but a palpable reality of the world we live in. If you love keeping up with the trends, we recommend you try a smartwatch music streaming app today!

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