Licenses Copyrights

With respect to the content published on our website, it is suggested that the two crucial parts of recipes -ingredients and “how to” use the ingredients are not copyrighted. One needs to be careful when creating or publishing their recipes may it be online or in books or any other medium or content that the recipe is not used or copied from elsewhere.

If, in case, the content inspiration is adapted from somewhere, you are suggested to give credits to the existing source to stay off-limits from copyright violation. However, Existing recipes can be used by altering the list of elements, their names, or the procedure itself. There are certain standardized acts you need to follow to own the recipe and “create” It yourself.


If you do not wish to create your own recipe or have not done yet. You can use the existing recipe, given that you acknowledge the source you have adapted it from. This can be done by mentioning the name of the source, which possibly can be a magazine, website, book, or TV. And the year published in. it is well appreciated if the source is tagged on provided the link.

In terms of copyrights and licenses, certain aspects must be taken care of:

  • The ownership of someone deceased remains on the content they created and is not free to use.
  • Copyrights from any period are not free to use and must be given attributes.


Anyone caught practicing theft of using one’s material without their consent or providing them attributes should be approached (preferably via email) and asked to add the source or give recognition to the copyright’s owner.


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