Protein Bars With Cottage Cheese And Peanut Butter

Protein Bars With Cottage Cheese And Peanut Butter



whey protein 125 g

fat-free cottage cheese 100 g

peanut butter 100 g

oat flour 100 g

almond 50 g

water 100 ml

honey 1 tbsp.

vanilla extract 1 tsp

ground cinnamon ½ ч.л.


Prepare a homogeneous mass of honey, vanilla, low-fat cottage cheese, ground cinnamon and water using a blender or mixer.

Next, combine the foods in a bowl with the peanut butter and whey protein.

Add oatmeal and grated almonds to the mass.

To prepare from a mixture of bars, you will need a baking sheet with cells or an ordinary deep baking sheet: in this case, the mass will then need to be cut into pieces.

Bake until tender, refrigerate for two hours.

Bars can be served with tea or coffee, garnished with fresh or defrosted berries.



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