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Biscuit, Yoghurt And Cherry Trifle

Delicate dessert with biscuit, yoghurt and berries will please and pleasantly surprise your guests.

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Sponge Crumbs With Chocolate And Nuts

Sweets from the leftover series are sweet) When creating a cake, pieces of biscuit often remain from which you can make unusual sweets.

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Rice Pudding With Nuts, Raisins And Spices

A great alternative to regular rice porridge is rice pudding with nuts and raisins. Even if children flatly refuse milk porridge, such a treat will surely be to their taste.

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Chicken Roll With Mushrooms And Capers

Recipe for tender chicken roll with mushroom filling.

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Chocolate Cake Black Prince On Kefir

Homemade chocolate cake on kefir "Black Prince" is not very difficult to prepare and will certainly decorate your festive table.

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Danish Sandwiches Smerrebrod With Herring Curry

Smerrebrod is the main feature of the national cuisine of Denmark, which is prepared in every family and every cafe.

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Pork Knuckle In Czech Beer With Sauerkraut

A traditional Czech dish marinated in beer and baked pork knuckle, served with sauerkraut stew.

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Salad With Red Canned Beans And Corn

A quick and satisfying salad in just 5 minutes.

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