Chicken Liver Salad With Fresh Cucumber And Onion

Chicken Liver Salad With Fresh Cucumber And Onion


Servings: 3

Time for preparing: 30 minutes


chicken liver 150 g

cucumbers 2 pcs.

bulb onions 1 pc.

mayonnaise 1 tbsp.

salt 1 pinch

ground black pepper taste


Cut the onion into half rings.

Fry the liver in a pan on both sides for 5 minutes, turn over several times.

Then add the onion and fry for another 8-10 minutes. Then separate the finished liver from the onion.

Cut fresh cucumber into strips.

Cut the liver into strips.

Mix liver, cucumber and onion. Season with salt and pepper.

Season with mayonnaise and mix everything thoroughly.

Salad with chicken liver, fried onions and cucumber is ready! Bon Appetit everyone!



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