Christmas Wreaths Chocolate Cookies With Coconut

Christmas Wreaths Chocolate Cookies With Coconut


Servings: 12

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Preparation time: 1 hour


wheat flour 250 g

powdered sugar 100 g

butter 100 g

dark chocolate 90 g

egg yolk 3 pcs.

coconut flakes 2 tbsp.


Grind the chocolate into crumbs.

We mix flour, chocolate and icing sugar.

Add yolks and softened butter. Knead the dough quickly.

We put the dough in a bag and send it to the refrigerator for 60 minutes.

Divide the dough into 8 parts, and then each part into 3 more.

Divide each piece of dough in half and roll out 2 flagella 15 cm long and weave them into a wreath, pinch the ends and put them on a baking sheet.

Lubricate each cookie with yolk diluted with 1 tbsp. spoon of water and sprinkle with multi-colored coconut flakes.

We send it to a preheated oven at a temperature of 170 degrees for about 12-15 minutes.

All with the Coming! All good!



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