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12 Useful Tips on How to Cook Fish

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Most of us love fish dishes. Useful tips will help you learn how to cook fish quickly, tasty and hassle-free.

  1. You need to cook fish on low heat. If you smell fish in the kitchen, it means that it takes too long or too fast to cook.
  2. The best way to preserve the flavor of the fish during the cooking process is to grill it, in the oven, steam it, simmer it in a sauce or broth, or fry it in a little fat. To enjoy the taste of fish, it is better to forget about cooking.
  3. Overcooked fish becomes too oily to be eaten. You cannot salt the fish in advance – as a result, it will lose juice and become tasteless. 30 minutes before cooking, you should keep the fish in the marinade and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  4. Finished fish of some varieties lose their inherent transparency and become snow-white (flounder, haddock, cod). To check if the dish is ready, you need to pierce the thickest part of it with the tip of a knife: the fish is ready if the fibers are easily separated from each other. Cooking too long will soften the fish and give off an unpleasant odor.
  5. A slightly dry fish will taste better with a garnish of peas, parsley, mushrooms, cheese, green beans, onions, and milk or tomato sauce.
  6. Fatty fish (herring, mackerel, pink salmon) go well with seasonings based on sour fruits such as lemon or gooseberry.
  7. It is better to make vegetable garnish and salads in advance so that the fish can be served on the table as soon as it is ready. If you try to keep it warm, it will become tasteless. If you do not have time with the side dish, and the fish is already ready, you need to remove it from the heat and pour over the sauce, and reheat it before serving.
  8. Before giving a fish to a child, you need to carefully check if there are any bones in it: once having experienced fright, having choked on a fish bone, he can maintain a dislike for this valuable product for life. Some adults never eat fish just for fear of choking on the bone. It is necessary to teach the child to always check the fish that is given to him and find bones.
  9. For cooking, use: fish in its entirety, links, portioned pieces, portioned pieces from plastered fish with skin and bones, with skin and without bones. The pieces are cut across the fibers, while holding the knife at right angles to the fish. On each piece, the skin is cut in 2-3 places so that the fish does not change its shape during heat treatment.
  10. Fish in whole form, medium-sized links, portioned pieces of plastered fish with skin without bones, without skin and bones (pure fillet) are used for poduspaniya. The pieces are cut starting from the tail, holding the knife at a 30 ° angle to the fish. In this case, flat wide pieces are obtained, convenient for quick and uniform heating in a small amount of liquid.
  11. For frying, the main method is used: fish in its entirety, links, portioned pieces, portioned pieces cut from plastered fish with skin and bones, with skin without bones, without skin and bones. Round and fillets with vertebral bone are cut, holding the knife at right angles to the fish; fillets with rib bones or without bones are cut at an angle of 30 ° into wide flat pieces that have a large surface of contact with the frying surface.
  12. So that the fish does not lose a lot of liquid and nutrients during frying, and a crispy crust forms on its surface, the prepared fish is breaded. Breading is the application of breading to the surface of a semi-finished product. Depending on the further use, different breading methods and different breading are used. For a better attachment of the breading to the product, it is moistened in a special liquid – llezone, which is a mixture of raw eggs with milk or water, with the addition of salt. For deep-fat frying, fish is used in its entirety, portioned pieces cut from plastered fish without skin and bones. The fish is cut, holding a knife at an angle of 30 °, dried, sprinkled with salt, breaded in flour, moistened with lezon and breaded in breadcrumbs.
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