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4 Main Chef’s Tips For Cooking a Steak Right

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Frying a real steak is not an easy task. The chef shared the subtleties of the recipe: with this approach, the steak will certainly turn out to be juicy and very tasty.

  1. It’s worth starting with the choice of meat. The shoulder blade, neck and outer thigh of the hind leg do not fit. The edges should not be unnecessarily thin or thick.
  2. The ideal choice is tenderloin. This muscle is located under the ribs of the animal and almost does not move, the meat will be exactly soft and tender. A common mistake is not to peel the clippings before frying. This must be done, otherwise it will pull off the steak when frying.
  3. A thin piece of steak will not make the right steak. The height is not less than 2.5 centimeters, if you like to fry to the state of meat in the Tatar way, you can take a thicker one.
  4. When frying, rush will be in the way. You need to cook until medium rare. And when serving, it is customary to salt the meat already at ease – a steak is a dish of aesthetes.
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