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7 Secrets To Baking The Most Delicious Cake

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Follow these tips and all guests will ask you for a recipe for your cake!

  1. There should be no draft in the room where the dough is prepared, because of it, a rough crust is obtained on the products.
  2. Over-salted dough can be corrected by kneading a new batch without salt and then mixing them thoroughly.
  3. An excess of baking soda in the dough gives the products a darkish color, unpleasant color and taste; if lacking, it loosens poorly.
  4. You can put a little soda in the flour for gingerbread and dough, and add a little vinegar or citric acid to the water for the dough.
  5. If there is little sugar in the dough, then the product turns out to be pale. If there is an excess of sugar, then the dough rises less, and the middle remains unbaked.
  6. When baking from choux pastry, you should only lightly grease, otherwise cracks will appear on the underside.
  7. Yeast will not lose its properties for several weeks if mixed with flour, rubbed, dried and put in a glass.
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