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10 Tips for Making Sushi and Rolls

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Japan is the country that gave us healthy food, which includes the world’s most widespread dish “sushi”. It began to spread around the world since the 70s, but has conquered the world only recently. Since sushi and rolls are a rather specific dish that not everyone will like, they reworked it and introduced something new familiar to Europeans a huge number of times.

  1. Wasabi or Japanese mustard, as many call it, should be kept in the refrigerator for no more than 2 weeks.
  2. If ingredients fall out of the roll during cooking, press down on the ends (edges) with your fingers.
  3. For making sushi, you should use rice varieties with round short grains.
  4. In order for the rolls and sushi to have smooth edges and look beautiful when cutting, they should be cut with a very sharp knife with a thin blade.
  5. When preparing rolls and sushi, the nori should be placed with the shiny side on the mat, and the dull side on the inside of the roll.
  6. Store dried nori in a dry place.
  7. There is pickled ginger between meals of different types of sushi – this allows you to better feel the taste of the new dish. And so that it does not lose its taste and useful qualities, ginger must be properly stored.
  8. In order for sesame seeds to be fried quickly and evenly, they should be fried in a well-heated frying pan without oil.
  9. A bamboo mat (a special mat for making sushi and rolls) is an indispensable attribute of both a beginner and a professional sushi master. Many people unknowingly use a plastic bag to shape. However, such rolls and sushi do not hold their shape well and fall apart.
  10. Sushi is a perishable product and is recommended to be eaten within 2-6 hours. After the allotted time, the dish loses its taste.
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