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21 Tips for Cooking Fried Fish

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It is rare to meet a person who does not like fried fish. Thanks to our tips, you can cook fish fast, tasty and hassle-free!

  1. Fish is fried, sprinkled with salt, pepper and breaded in wheat flour.
  2. Products from the cutlet mass are also breaded in silt breadcrumbs in white breading before frying.
  3. To give the fish a more delicate flavor, you can moisten it with cold milk before breeding.
  4. Put prepared fish in a frying pan or baking sheet with well-heated fat and fry on the stove until a crispy crust forms on both sides.
  5. If the portioned pieces of fish have not been fried during the formation of the crust, they are placed in the oven for 5-7 minutes.
  6. You can fry fish in vegetable lard, hydro fat, ghee or vegetable oil.
  7. From vegetable fats the best for frying fish in this way are sunflower oil, olive oil and refined cottonseed oil.
  8. Can be used for frying fish and melted pork lard.
  9. Beef and lamb fat for frying fish in this way is usually not used, since these fats are not in harmony with the taste of the fish.
  10. The total duration of frying portions of fish is 10 – 15 minutes.
  11. Deep-fried fish is mainly fried, cut into fillets with skin or bey skin and without rib bones. The exception is small fish (navaga, smelt, hamsa, etc.), which are fried whole.
  12. Before frying, fish is breaded in flour, moistened in an egg and breaded in breadcrumbs or white breading.
  13. For deep fat, you can use vegetable oil (sunflower, cottonseed), vegetable lard, hydro fat.
  14. The best fat for deep-frying fish is a mixture of 60% hydro-fat and 40% vegetable oil, 1 since such a fat does not change its chemical composition when heated to a high temperature, as a result of which, when frying it, chad is formed, and fried products are of higher quality.
  15. The ratio of fat and simultaneously fried product in it must be at least 2: 1; the best ratio is 4: 1.
  16. Before frying, the fat is heated to a temperature of 170 -180 °.
  17. Breaded fish is dipped into the heated fat and fried until golden brown.
  18. The fried fish is quickly removed from the deep fat, transferred to a dry baking sheet or frying pan and, if the fish has not reached readiness, put it in the oven.
  19. The fish is deep-fried for 3 to 5 minutes and cooked in an oven for 5 to 7 minutes.
  20. After three to four frying times, the fat sometimes needs to be filtered through a metal sieve, as the charred particles of the breading left over from previous frying impairs the appearance of the fried fish.
  21. It is recommended to fry the fish just before serving it to the consumer.
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