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4 Tips for Cooking Salads

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It would seem that it is difficult to prepare a salad! Remember, there is still a comic saying on this topic that, they say, a real woman can simply make a scandal, a hat and a salad out of nothing? However, in reality everything turns out a little differently. And vegetables with herbs, served as a salad, taste completely different at home than in a cafe or restaurant – whether the same combination of ingredients is on the plate. What’s the catch?
Experienced chefs have their own little tricks and life hacks for preparing salads, even the simplest ones.

Salad with fish. Fresh vegetable salad with salmon fish fillet. Fish salad with salmon fillet and fresh vegetables on plate
  1. The nuts in the salad “sound” delicious. They give us strength and energize. And in addition to their benefits, they are also tasty in a salad, set off with greens. A small amount of nuts can give a salad of even the simplest ingredients a piquant taste.
  2. Low-fat cheese. Feta, mozzarella, feta cheese – cheeses that will add flavor to the salad, and will not be affected by unnecessary sentiments on the waist. Another good option is cottage cheese. In general, if the standard cheese fat is 50-60g or 50-60% on dry matter, then for fitness salads look for cheeses that are low in fat to 30 grams of fat on dry matter.
  3. Sesame seeds as a finishing touch. The salad will look more aesthetically pleasing and appetizing if sprinkled with sesame seeds. But this spice improves not only the appearance. Sesame nourishes our body with calcium, which strengthens bones.
  4. Compatibility. Experiment! But only within the framework of the ingredients combined with each other.
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