6 Important Sushi Cooking Secrets

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Many people think that making sushi at home is very difficult. But after trying it once, you will understand that everything is not so scary. It is important to know a few simple cooking secrets.

  1. The main thing in sushi is the quality of the products. Therefore, you should not try to save money on them: rice, vegetables, fish and nori – everything should be first-class.
  2. For cooking, use only special rice, which can be bought in any supermarket. It can be replaced with inexpensive round grain rice, but this will inevitably affect the taste. Rice should be cooked as written on the package. Rice should not be overcooked. To make the rice sticky, a special sauce is added to it, which is easy to prepare. To do this, take 50 ml of rice vinegar, 30 g of sugar and 10 g of salt. Heat the vinegar slightly over a fire, add salt and sugar and place until smooth.
  3. Making sushi is not a problem, the situation is a little more complicated with rolls. To prepare the rolls, you will need a special bamboo mat – makisu. You should also prepare tezu. This is vinegar water (1 part rice or other vinegar is mixed with water) that is used in the sushi making process to prevent rice from sticking to your hands. Rice for making sushi and rolls should be warm.
  4. Next, you are required to wrap all the ingredients of your rolls prepared in advance in a nori seaweed sheet. Place the nori on the makisu, aligning the edges. Using your fingers dipped in tezu, spread the rice over the entire surface of the leaf, leaving only two small strips at the bottom and top. Place the filling on the bottom third of the sheet.
  5. If you want the rice to be outside, place the rice on top of the nori, then place the nori on a damp cloth and again on the makisu with the rice facing down. This way, when you roll up the roll, the rice will be outside. When folding the roll, make sure that the edge of the makisu does not wrap inward.
  6. It is important to cut the prepared rolls correctly. To do this, they must first be cooled in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes so that they harden and do not crumble. The knife for cutting rolls should be very sharp, and so that it does not get stuck in the roll, you can soak it in vinegar water or hold it under running water.
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