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7 Tips on How to Cook Burgers Properly

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Burgers are a fairly simple dish, but there are cooking tricks that can help you get a great taste. To prepare this treat according to the rules, follow the simple tips from the chefs.

  1. The ideal burger meat is the ground beef neck. It contains about 20% fat and 80% meat, so the burgers are the most juicy with it.
  2. Use minced meat as close to room temperature as possible to form cutlets. However, before grilling cutlets, it is still better to keep them in the refrigerator so as not to lose their shape.
  3. Salt and pepper minced meat or cutlets just before cooking.
  4. If you form cutlets with your hands, then make sure that the thickness is at least 1.5-2 cm. Cutlets of a smaller thickness will turn out to be dry.
  5. After the cutlets are formed, be sure to make a depression in the center of each of them with your thumb or a tablespoon – this is necessary so that they remain flat after grilling. The safest option for forming patties is to use a burger press.
  6. When placing the patties on the grill, do not press down on them with a spatula to keep them juicy.
  7. Grill burgers for about 6-8 minutes indirect medium heat turn once.
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