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9 Tips for Making Cupcakes

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Classic muffin is an airy and soft dessert with the addition of dried fruits and decorated with icing and sprinkles. It can be large or small, cooked in the oven or right in the mug. How to make a treat perfect, read my selection of recommendations.

  1. When choosing products for baking, give preference to natural ingredients.
  2. Before preparing the classic raisin muffins, take out all the ingredients of the recipe on the table – they should be at natural temperature.
  3. Always pass flour through a sieve. From this, the baked goods become weightless and rise well. The silicone mold is a handy baking tool. Compact, not afraid of heat and cold, it is easy to get baked goods and wash. Use paper cups for mini cupcakes as well.
  4. Put a piece of dough in the mold, filling two or three containers – it will increase from heating.
  5. When you are fiddling with the dough, turn on the oven to warm up. Do not place baked goods in a cold oven.
  6. Do not slam the oven door, move the grate or sheet on which the cake is standing – it may settle.
  7. Place dessert on the middle oven shelf for even baking.
  8. Do not leave ready-made muffins inside the pan. Choose recipes carefully in order to adequately cope with all the manipulations.
  9. Decorate your creation. The decor enhances the appearance of the baked goods and keeps them from hardening.

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