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9 Tips for Making Desserts

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I think we all would like to be able to cook delicious desserts?) We have selected some important tips for you for their preparation!

  1. Peeled apples will not darken if you put them in water to which you have added lemon juice.
  2. If the nuts are kept in the oven hot for 15-20 minutes, it will be easier to peel them from the shell and the taste will be softer.
  3. To squeeze more juice out of the lemon, it must be kept in hot water for 5 minutes and the zest will not taste bitter.
  4. If an open jar of jam is sprinkled with sugar sand on top, then it will be stored longer.
  5. Dried apricot pits replace almonds.
  6. To prevent the peel of baked apples from bursting, you need to make several punctures in the peel before baking or bake them in foil.
  7. If gelatin is added to fruit puree when making marmalade, then the transparency, taste and aroma of marmalade are lost.
  8. To turn 10% of cream into 30%, one third of their volume must be evaporated in a water bath.
  9. To prevent lumps from forming in the jelly, it must be poured into a heated bowl to solidify.
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