Top 5 Unusual Restaurants in Paris

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Paris impresses with an incredible variety of restaurants and cafes, a visit to which can become an original gastronomic discovery. But there are quite a few places in the city where people tend to go not so much because of the outstanding cuisine, but because of the unusual setting and atmosphere.


In the courtyards, not far from the center of Georges Pompidou, a very unusual restaurant is hidden, somewhat reminiscent of Bulgakov’s “bad apartment.” Guests of Derrière literally get “home” – this is how the apartment of an elderly Parisian grandmother, to whom you stopped by, might look like. Antique furniture, bubbling old wallpaper, and cracks in the ceiling are not evidence of the owners’ poverty, but an original interior move by the designers of Studio Pepe.

69 Rue des Gravilliers, Paris 75003

Roger La Grenouille

Hostess Jacqueline Laporte and her assistants made sure that the guests took their food in a good mood. On the doorstep, you will smile at the funny design of the restaurant. Hanging from the ceiling are hats, toys, bowlers, trinkets, and various other “old market treasures”. The menu is dominated by unforgettable frog legs. If you are mentally ready to devour frogs, there is no better place for this. You can also taste piglet, duck, salmon. And by all means, order the “Surprise dessert”. We will not reveal the secret, but it is, indeed, a pleasant surprise.

28 rue des grands augustins, Paris, 75006

La Bellevilloise

La Bellevilloise, an independent, interdisciplinary Parisian cultural institution, located on the site of the former first co-op, which was founded in 1877. Today, its 2,000 m² space on 4 floors is dedicated to all forms of expression and experimentation: concerts, exhibitions, café discussions, projections, cinema mixes, film concerts, and parades. There is also a clubhouse and cafe/restaurant on site. Bellevilloise, a place to meet, communicate and exchange views, is open to everyone. It is also an architectural heritage site worth discovering.

21 rue Boyer, 75020 Paris

Sur Un Arbre Perché

Sur Un Arbre Perché is a restaurant in Paris located near the Opera. The restaurant is known for its unusual interior – a swing is placed in its hall, as well as a small fountain in the form of a water wall. Additional comfort is created by candles and the soft lighting of chandeliers.

1 Rue du 4 Septembre, 75002 Paris


The peculiarity of the establishment is that all dishes are prepared right in front of the guests on a huge firebox!
Sample Japanese cuisine at Kokohana. Have a good scallion puree, foie gras, and sushi. Here you can order good parfait, ice cream, and profiteroles. This place is famous for its good champagne, wine, or cognac.

1 Bis Rue Jean Mermoz, 75008 Paris

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