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13 Useful Life Hacks To Make Salad Without Problems

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Cooking salads is not difficult. But this process can be made even easier and more convenient. There are many helpful hints and tips for cooking, cleaning, slicing and stacking food. Today we will introduce you to the most interesting life hacks.

  1. To arrange a salad “like in a restaurant”, you can use an ordinary plastic water bottle as an improvised means. It is cut off at both ends – a tube is obtained. The form is placed on a flat plate and the products are laid out in the desired sequence. Pick up the tube with a gentle scrolling motion.
  2. Before grating the cheese, grease the grater with vegetable oil. As a result, the pieces of cheese will not stick together, and the grater can be easily washed.
  3. If you need to coat a layer of cheese in a salad with mayonnaise or sour cream, but first, it is better to gently crush it with wet hands. In this case, the grated cheese will not stick to the spoon, and it will be convenient and easy to grease.
  4. If the greens had time to wither by the time the salad was prepared, then you can reanimate them by alternately lowering them into hot water and immediately into cold water.
  5. For salads, potatoes are often boiled in their skins. To prevent the peel of this vegetable from cracking, it is recommended to add vinegar to the water – just a few drops.
  6. Beets for salads are usually cooked for a very long time – about two hours. To shorten this time, boil the beets without vinegar for 50-60 minutes. After that, the hot broth is drained and the vegetable is poured with new cold water. Another 20 minutes and the beets are ready.
  7. Carrots and green peas will retain their beautiful vibrant color when boiled in sweetened water.
  8. So that in the morning after eating garlic salad you do not smell of its smell, you need to remove the green sprout from the garlic cloves during cooking.
  9. The onion will not slide on the cutting board when finely sliced if you leave a “tail” on it from which the green feathers grow. For it, you can hold the onion, and then discard the “tail”.
  10. Small onions and garlic are sometimes poorly peeled. To facilitate this matter, they are first immersed in water for a couple of minutes.
  11. It is preferable to cut raw vegetables on a plastic cutting board, as it does not absorb juices, unlike wooden ones.
  12. If mayonnaise is not at hand, then it can be made from sour cream. To do this, add the yolk of a boiled egg and a spoonful of mustard to it. The yolk is thoroughly ground, and the mustard is added to taste.
  13. To clean boiled eggs without any problems, you need to add salt to the water when boiling them. As a result, the shell will peel off easily.
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