14 Tempting Facts About Passion Fruit

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Passion fruit is one of those fruits that you should definitely try while vacationing in the tropical countries of Southeast Asia.

  1. Passion fruit in English is called passion fruit (pronounced “peshen fruit” and translated as “passion fruit”). It is a delicious tropical fruit that is quite common in Asian markets and shops.
  2. The homeland of the edible Stratus Blossom (the scientific name of the passionfruit from the Latin Passiflora edulis) is South America, from where the familiar name “passionfruit” comes. This is how this fruit is called in Brazil, Colombia, Peru.
  3. Today, passion fruit is grown in tropical and subtropical climates almost everywhere (in the warm regions of America, Asia, Australia, and Oceania).
  4. With long-term storage, passionfruit fruits become “wrinkled” – they lose their smoothness and bright color. At the same time, the taste of passion fruit does not suffer at all. Only overtly rotten fruits should be avoided.
  5. Sometimes half-empty passionfruit fruit comes across, in which there is the very little juicy edible part. Try comparing the weight of fruits of similar size. If you feel that one of them is too light, do not buy it.
  6. The passionfruit plant is an evergreen liana (vine) that grows in much the same way as grapes. Under favorable conditions, it can give 2 harvests per year.
  7. But we, of course, are more interested in the most delicious – passionfruit fruit. It is round or oval in shape with juicy pulp and many seeds inside.
  8. Passion fruit can range in color from yellow to deep purple, depending on the variety and maturity. However, so is the taste of passionfruit, which ranges from sour to sweet.
  9. Many varieties of passion fruit are sweet and do not need a sweetener. But, if you come across a sour variety, then you can add sugar or honey to taste. In the Philippines, passionfruit pulp is sprinkled with chili peppers, and in Thailand – with salt or pepper and salt.
  10. Peeling this exotic fruit is easy – cut it in half and use a spoon to eat the pulp.
  11. In many countries, passion fruit is eaten fresh. Juices, jams, preserves are also made from this tropical fruit. Passion fruit is often added to yogurts, cocktails, ice cream.
  12. In addition to the fact that passionfruit is a truly delicious exotic fruit, it is also healthy.

13. It contains a lot of vitamin C, B2 and B3. Improves digestion,
is a source of iron and phosphorus.

14. Passion fruit seed oil is widely used in cosmetology.

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